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Panama Pacific Tropical Water Lily

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Water Lily - Panama Pacific (Deep Purple Flower)

When customers ask how they can revitalize their pond and get it noticed again we usually recommend one of our amazing water lily selections. Star of Siam Tropical Water Lilies, with their lovely blue-violet flower and gorgeous green leaves, is sure to be the envy of pond owners and water garden enthusiasts alike.

Aquatic plants assist in keeping your water healthy for fish, turtles and other pond life. Shade from the large round and oval leaves keeps the water cool and decreases the amount of direct sunlight, a direct contributor to algae growth.

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Our industry expert Mr. Fish says, "The Panama Pacific Tropical Water Lily is a prolific bloomer. It has a violet flower with a yellow center and solid green leaves. The leaves can grow up to 10-12 inches in diameter. We love this lily for your pond for the frequency of bloom and the lovely flower. For best results be sure to plant your Panama Pacific in a wide, shallow pot, approximately 7" high and 16" wide."

Panama Pacific Tropical Water Lilies are an excellent aquatic plant anywhere in the US regardless of geographical location. When it comes to hot summer regions, tropical water lilies are more adapt at weathering the climate then their sister species "Hardies". With care, they may be wintered over although many people treat them as annuals, and simply buy new ones every spring.

Tropical waterlilies have these advantages over hardy lilies:

They bloom several times as often when properly fertilized (twice the rate as for hardy lilies).

Their blooms stand up out of the water, often quite high out, unlike most hardy lilies.

Day blooming tropical lilies come in blues and purples.

Most tropical lilies, especially day blooming tropical lilies, are highly fragrant, while hardy lilies have little or no fragrance.

Tropical lilies will bloom later in the season than hardy lilies.

Tropical lilies come in night blooming as well as day blooming varieties. Night blooming tropical lilies open early evening, and don't close their blooms until mid morning. People with a normal work schedule may actually see their night bloomers open more often than day bloomers, which typically open mid morning and close mid to late afternoon.

PLEASE NOTE: There is variance of shapes, tones, hues, colors, and styles even within the same species or type of water lily. Please use the photo of this plant for reference only. There is no guarantee all plants will look or perform the same.

A Few Tips On Getting the Most From Your Tropical Water Lilies

Tropical water lilies bear round shiny leaves, often with crinkled, textured edges. They can be green or maroon or green mottled with darker shades (A pattern similar to army camouflage). The large flowers (up to 13 inches across) are fragrant and grow on stems rising above the water. They come in just about every shade, from white, pink, and yellow to purple, blue, and red. Night-blooming tropical lilies have flowers that open from dusk to mid-morning. Day-bloomers have just the opposite schedule: from mid-day to dusk. Tropical water lilies grow from tubers.

Ease of care of tropical water lily: Moderately difficult.

When it comes to growing Tropical water lilies the first thing you should know is that they should not be planted in your pond until the water warms up in late spring or early summer. Plant them in the center of a large container with just the crown showing or all the way to one side of the pot with the body of the plant angled so that the root system will grow out across the entire length of the soil. Tropical Water Lilies need at least 6 hours of full sun to bloom well and require still water 6 to 18 inches deep over their tubers. Be sure to fertilize regularly using the appropriate selection from our online store to ensure excellent results. Our 30+ years of experience with aquatic plants and commitment to only offering the industries best performing products at the lowest possible prices ensures you maximize your ponds potential. Tropical water lilies are usually treated as annuals except in USDA zone 10, but they can be overwintered in a greenhouse in colder climates.

Propagating tropical water lily: By division. Some types produce new plantlets from their leaves.

The primary uses for Tropical water lilies are clear. They are the stars of the water garden wherever they are grown and should be placed where they are allowed to steal the show. They also make excellent cut flowers.

Scientific name of tropical water lily: Nymphaea species

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