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Orange Variegated Water Canna 3

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  • Orange Variegated Water Canna 3

Aquatic Plants - Orange Variegated Canna

The Orange Variegated Canna variety are lush tropical plants with large green or multi-color leaves. It has beautiful vibrant blossoms on thin, long stalks and is an excellent selection for your pond or water garden. Many varieties have multicolored and patterned leaves, making them an all season favorite.

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The Orange Variegated Canna has several names including Variegated Water Canna, Canna Lily (although not a true Lily), and the Bengal Tiger Canna. It is a tropical Bog Plant and therefore is most commonly found in direct sunlight with rich soil. Full sunlight, fertilized soil, and a supply of water are necessary ingredients for this aquatic variety.

Although this species of Canna closely resembles the land Canna varieties it differs from them in appearance ever so slightly. As seen in the picture it has fully green leaves that become yellow/orange and green striped leaves as the plant matures. You can expect beautiful and bright orange flowers beginning in Spring and blooming throughout the summer months. Your plant can reach a maximum height of approximately 60" and a spread of 36". It adapts equally well to damp soil or water up to 12 inches deep and can even be moved indoors and kept as a house plant. For maximum durability in the cooler parts of its range, grow it with its roots well-covered in water.

The best uses for water Canna are visual. With its tropical appearance, it makes a striking accent or background plant for your pond or water garden. Grow two to five pots, depending on the size of your water feature, for the best effect.

We recommend potting in 5-gallon containers and set in water 6-12 inches over the root system. It is best to remove your Canna from the pond in early autumn and maintain it indoors as a tropical houseplant until spring. Rhizomes (Root system) can also be housed free of soil and stored in a cool, dark area as is done with the land Canna variety.
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