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Arrowhead Aquatic Pond Plant

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  • Arrowhead Aquatic Pond Plant
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Aquatic Plants - Arrowhead

The Arrowhead Plant is a hardy bog plant that is known for its beautiful arrow shaped leaves and flowery summer blooms. Its bushy and lush appearance is an excellent addition to any pond or water garden that needs a quick growing plant to fill a void or compliments other aquatic plants.

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The Arrowhead Plant is an immersed plant that is commonly found in swamps, muddy water ways, and marshes and blooms from winter to spring.

Its leaves are arrowhead-shaped and are typically are 10 to 14 inches long and half as wide. They can grow up to twice as big. The leaf underside is whitish with three prominent veins. Its leaves are clustered on long succulent stalks, that can be 3 feet long, and have the stem attaching toward the middle of the umbrella-like leaf.

Arrowhead flowers are small and white or light yellow, on a finger-like spike. The flower spike is surrounded by a bract, or spathe, that is usually yellowish-green. In the spoon flower, Peltandra sagittifolia, the bract is more open and showy white.

The Arrowhead Plant is an easy care option. It quickly grows even in shallow water and shoots out large, shapely green leaves and white flowers that are sure to bloom all summer long. Its hardy and versatile nature allow it to thrive in a variety of conditions from strong water currents to no current, from deeper ponds to shallow water gardens, and from direct sunlight to shaded areas.

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