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Super High Density Gray Matala

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  • Super High Density Gray Matala

Matala Filter Media - Super High Density Gray

Super High Density Gray Matala Filter Mats remove the finest particles and debris from your water. They can be used in conjunction with the other densities of Matala filter media for optimal results.

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Super High Density Grey Matala Filter Mats remove the smallest sizes of particles and debris from the water and yet still maintain great flow distribution across the filter pad. In larger systems all four types of Matala Filter Media (Black, green, blue, and gray) can be used in sequence to essentially remove all solids from the water that passes through the filter.

Matala media works perfectly with up-flow filter designs. The ideal configuration is when the Matala filter media stands vertically rather than flat. This allows for easier access during routine cleanings. Simply grab an individual piece and shake it up and down. This action frees trapped debris and accumulated biological material from the mat. With tightly packed filter chambers simply remove one piece first.

When laid flat in the filter, Matala mats should be removed during cleaning so that all the pieces can be cleaned off and the bottom dirty pieces wont be neglected. Stagger your vertical pieces with different Matala mat densities to achieve better solids removal and better biological filtering. The ability to do so depends on the tank capacity of your filter canister. A Green piece next to a Grey piece for example will give good flow around the Grey mat and trap solids in the Green mat

Full sheets measure 48-Inch x 39-Inch x 1-1/2-Inch while half sheets measure 24-Inch x 39-Inch x 1-1/2-Inch

Full sheet sizes ship 5 per box while half sheet sizes can ship up to 10 per box.

Full sheets of Grey Matala will be folded for shipping if you order 1 or 2. This fold will leave a permanent crease down the middle of the sheet but will not adversely effect the function of the media. In some situations additional shipping charges may apply.

If you do not want the fold or and you do not want to order more than two, extra charges (oversize package charges) may apply!

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