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Ultima II 1,000 Filter, 1 1/2" Valve

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  • Ultima II 1,000 Filter, 2" Valve
  • Ultima II 1,000 Filter, 1 1/2" Valve
  • Spec Chart - Ultima II 1,000 Filter
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Aqua UV Ultima II 1,000 Filter

Removing ammonia and accumulated debris is essential for the health of your pond, aquarium, or water system and the aquatic life within it. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by installing an Ultima II biomechanical filter. Its patented media has the highest biofilm surface to support bacterial growth. This contributes to an accumulation of beneficial bacteria in the filter that converts ammonia into harmless compounds. In field and independent laboratory testing the Ultima II filter is consistently the first to nitrify fish waste.

A dense bed of ridged media traps solids without clumping. Internal jets in the filter are activated during the backwash separating the waste from the media and sending it out the waste line. Backwash is performed simply by rotating the valve.

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Filter Features:
Pond/Tank Size in Gallons: 500 - 1,000
Valve Inlet/Outlet: 1-1/2" or 2" (Select from the dropdown menu)
Minimum Flow: 500 GPH
Maximum Flow: 1,200 GPH
Ultima Media: Pre-loaded
Pump Recommendation: 1,000 GPH at 10' of Head

Just minutes to Backwash
Backwash is done Simply by Depressing and Rotating the Handle
Internal Jets Do the Work for You
No Blower is Needed
No Need to Get Your Hands Dirty
Media is Scientifically Engineered
Highest Surface Area for Beneficial Bacteria
Pre-seeded with Bacteria to Start Colonization Quickly
Media Protects Bacteria While Dislodging Fish Waste
Media Never Needs to be Replaced
Filter is Easy to Conceal and Can be Buried up to the Valve
Optimal flow rate 2,000 gph at 10' of head
Direct drive self priming pumps recommended

The Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima Filter is both a biological and mechanical filter. Beneficial bacteria is harbored and maintained on the filter media which eliminates ammonia and nitrites. Debris in the water is trapped in the plastic media and easily backwashed out of the filter utilizing internal jets which agitate the media and loosen the debris.

This filter is widely used because relative to other brands and models it is very easy to clean. The patented media allows for less frequent cleanings, less back-pressure on the pump and a less restricted water flow.

The top mounted multi-port valve allows several settings - Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Re-circulate, Waste, and Close. This functionality is another benefit that anyone providing maintenance will enjoy.

Filters should be serviced at varying intervals depending on the specifications of your pond. The number of fish, aquatic debris, and sunlight are all variables that effect the filters capacity to remove waste without becoming overburdened. We recommend frequent filter cleaning in an effort to eliminate organic waste from your pond system. The filter model should be matched with a pump that offers sufficient flow and pressure. If you need assistance in determining which filter and pump are best for your pond please feel free to contact us.

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