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Black Round Matala FIlter Media

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Matala Filter Media - Black Round Roll Low Density

Matala Round Roll Filter Media is cut to fit most canister or barrel sizes. Simply measure your filter and order the correct media size that will accommodate your application. Use one density or stagger them for progressive water filtration and optimal results.

Additional information on how to setup your filter media can be found below and we are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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Black Matala is the least dense of the four densities and should therefore be used for filtering the largest dirt particles and debris. It is 6-inches thick and can trap and sift an incredible amount of dirt and debris on its own.

This density of filter media can be used as a support grate for other layers of media due to it’s very sturdy and open design. In a settling chamber the Black Matala will slow down and trap very large particles and hair algae.

Black Matala can function as a pre-filter to the biological section by physically supporting the biological material and trapping larger debris before it makes its way into the biological filter mats. It can also function as a biological filter due to it's available surface area for bacteria attachment.

If you use the Black Matala filter mats for solids filtering you can use a garden hose to spray them clean or simply shake them in place. The dirt and debris is quickly removed falling off very easily.

Round Matala Filter Media is the perfect ready to go, drop-in media for vortex and barrel filters. It has the same qualities as the square sheets of Matala but has been formed into a coiled, pre-cut cartridge.

Simply select the correct diameter measurement for your particular filter and choose a density. Round Matala Filter Media is comprised of coils that are not designed to be unrolled but rather they are pre-cut to fit your tank. Custom sizes can be special ordered.


Round Matala Filter Media will naturally wedge in place without any need for support. However, you must measure the inside diameter of your tank and order the coil size which fits snug and tight. If the coil is too loose in its housing then the water will flow around the pads instead of through them. Four sequential densities can be employed to retain the maximum amount of solids and add bio-filtration. Each roll is 6-inches thick with a tremendous potential to trap dirt and yet is super easy to clean. Simply drain the waste out your bottom drain and gently pour pond water over the Round Matala Filter Media or spray it off with a garden hose.

Matala is a progressive filter media that is self supporting and multi-functional. It is recommended for a variety of applications including: pre-filtering, mechanical filter media, biological filtration, spawning mat, plant protection, and as a support for other filter medias. Uniquely versatile, Matala is easy to work with and can accommodate most all filtration needs.


Matala media works great in filters with up-flow filter designs, meaning, the water enters through the bottom of the filter and flows up through the filter media until it exits through an outlet and heads back toward the pond. The ideal up-flow configuration would begin with the Black or Green Matala at the bottom of the filter. This will capture the large particles in the least dense filtering pad and thus allow clean water to proceed to the next layer of Matala filter media. The next layer should be the Blue Matala to act as a biological filter and will filter out medium-sized particles. The final layer will be the Gray Matala for high surface area biological filtration and fine particle removal. If you only have room for three layers of Matala, we suggest you use the Black on the bottom followed by the Blue and the Gray.

To clean an up-flow filter with Round Matala you can pour pond water from the top down and flush out waste through the bottom drain of the filter tank. If your filter tank does not have a bottom drain you may have to remove the layers of Matala to clean them. Routine "top down flushing" with pond water or tap water will prevent sludgy build up on the bottom layer. Occasionally, you will need to remove the layers to inspect the bottom coil for clogging.


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