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Matala BioSteps 10 Filter

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Matala BioSteps 10 Gravity Discharge Filter

The Matala BioStep 10 Gravity Discharge Filter provides biological filtration in an easy to install and affordable package. We recommend this unit for ponds up to 2,700 gallons looking for increased filtration without the maintenance headache often associated with constant cleaning and back washing.

Please find additional details below for the BioStep 10 Filter and optional Waterfall Spillway.

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The Matala BioStep 10 Gravity Discharge Filter maximizes the performance of Matala® filter media and is an easy way to add filtering capacity to your pond or water garden. The rugged BioSteps 10 contains an amazing 200 sq. ft. of surface area for beneficial bacteria growth. You no longer have to utilize bulky filtration or in pond filters that foul the otherwise serene appearance. This easy to install, easy to service filter works for both amateur and professional ponds or water garden to clarify the water and keep your fish healthy and happy.

Designed with a cross flow design to trap and processes more debris at high flow rates, you get unparalleled mechanical and biological filtration resulting in superior water quality. Multiple units can easily combine for large or heavily stocked Koi ponds. The Biosteps 10 with optional UV Clarifier adds improved water clarity by neutralizing algae causing bacteria in the water.

Universal barbed inlet (1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2") and a 1-1/2" outlet. Measures 23-3/16" x 15" x 20-3/16" high.

For ponds up to 10,000 liter / 2,700 gallon, step-wise transition from mechanical filtration to high-efficiency bio filtration.


State of Art Progressive Filtration.
Large volume of Matala® filter media with progressive densities
Filter design enhances growth of different ecological communities of bacteria and planktonic organisms
Cross-Flow Pattern: Traps more dirt at high flow rates without clogging
Flow rate up to 1060 gph maximum per unit
Built-In overflow safety
Easy maintenance
Sloped bottom with extra sink at outlet for easy draining of waste
Modular design allows for future expansion
Rugged construction


Add an internal Ultraviolet Clarifier to your BioStep 10 Filter to aid in the removal of algae causing bacteria in your water. This feature affects algae suspended in the water and will not affect algae attached to the walls of your pond. For larger ponds we recommend a larger, external Ultraviolet Sterilizer unit that can be found in in the UV Sterilizer tab of our website.

There are 9-Watt Philips Bulbs, 13-Watt China Bulbs, and 18-Watt Philips Bulbs available. These come installed within the filter box and can be selected during purchase. Select "None" if you do not wish to include the UVC unit with your BioStep 10 Fitler.


Now you can add an instant waterfall spillway to your BioSteps filter. The optional Waterfall Spillway connects easily to the discharge port of the BioSteps. You can simply position the BioSteps with Waterfall Spillway right next to the pond's edge and let the waterfall spill directly to your pond helping create better oxygen levels.

For an additional touch of beauty and aesthetics you can position the BioSteps within the rock work of your ponds waterfall. This allows for a concealed filter and natural looking waterfall. Using a rubber liner underneath your rock waterfall, simply attach the rubber liner to the Waterfall Spillway. This will hide the BioSteps 10 Filter unit within the rock work of your waterfall and provide both filtration and increased water flow to your pond.

Maximum Flow for BioSteps Waterfall Spillway is approx 1000 gallons per hour.


Frequency of maintenance will depend on many factors such as:
The quantity of fish, feeding rate, season, and water temperature
Whether you have a new or old water garden and the level of existing sediment or algal blooms

Maintenance of the filter is needed when the filter mats are clogged up with dirt, debris, silt, or bacterial
flock. An indication that your filter is backing up and it is time for a clean is when the water starts to flow over the filter mats contained within the filter box.

For maintenance please take following steps:
First, switch of the Ultraviolet Clarifier (if applicable, not all units have a UVC) and then switch of the pump
Unscrew the cap of the UVC and take off the filter cover. Then put the UVC cap back in place and tighten it
Lower the water level of the filter by opening the drain valve and simultaneously rinse the filter mats
Normally, this can be done without removing the Matala mats from the filter
Only in cases of heavy silting or clogging of the filter mats or substrate will it be necessary to remove these from the filter
Avoid high pressure cleaning of the Matala mats to reduce the removal of too much beneficial bacteria
In cases of shallow ponds it is advisable to switch off the filter system when water temperature reaches below 8 degrees C ( 46 degrees F)
It is also advisable to discontinue feeding fish at these temperatures as they begin hibernation
When discontinuing use for the winter, clean out the filter properly and store in a dry place
When cleaning the filter, simultaneously clean your pump’s filter housing or pre-filter in order to keep a normal flow capacity to the filter

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