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Lifegard Aquatics All-In-One Pond Filter System

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Lifegard Aquatics All-In-One Pond Filter System

All the filtration gear your pond needs in one handy, submersible unit.

Unit contains a Quiet One PRO water pump, mechanical and biological filter modules, and a UV sterilizer.

Includes a fountain kit extension, which improves water circulation, provides aeration, and adds decoration with a spraying fountain effect.

Need additional filtration? No need to buy another unit: the All-In-One boasts a uniquely expandable, modular design that makes adding additional filter cartridges a snap—literally: you just snap them into place!

Available in three packaged sizes for small (up to 1,000 gallons), medium (up to 1,500 gallons) and large ponds (up to 2,000 gallons).

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Healthy ponds require a fair amount of additional equipment to keep clean and clear: it is necessary to keep the water moving (water pump), filter out solids (mechanical filter), promote the growth of healthy bacteria (biological filter), and control algae growth (UV sterilizer). That shopping list is pretty daunting already, not to mention the added headache of selecting a pump powerful enough to push water through the system, and then installing and connecting it all. Here at LA Pond.com, we love solving these sorts of dilemmas for our clients; it’s our bread and butter. But if like most people you’d rather avoid this kind of brainwork altogether, then the Lifegard Aquatics All-In-One Pond Filter System is for you.

Take a look at the photo: one easily-installed unit provides mechanical and biological filtration, UV sterilization, and a Quiet One PRO Series water pump specially selected for your pond size. The unit sucks water in, filters it, sterilizes it, and then recirculates it back into the system through a spraying fountain. The unit’s uniquely expandable, modular design makes adding additional filter cartridges a snap—literally: you just snap them into place!

For your convenience, the 13-watt UV sterilizer is powered by its own separate power cord, so it only runs when you need it to. The fountain kit rests on a ball-valve leveler, so the fountain shoots straight up regardless of how the unit is installed.


Lifegard Aquatics has earned a robust reputation in the pond, aquaculture and aquarium industries as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, low-cost pumps, filters, and accessories. We here at LA Pond.com have been in the business of distributing Lifegard Aquatics' product lines for years, and we are proud to include them among the family of manufacturers whose products we recommend and sell to our clients.

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