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Hydro Bead Vortex 18-Inch Bead Filter

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Hydro Bead Vortex 18-Inch Bead Filter

For ponds up to 3,000 gallons.

High Surface Area Bio Reaction and Superior Water Polishing in One Unit

Saves Time, Money & Aggravation:

The HBV-18 bead filter's unique design eliminates the need for expensive, difficult to use, and aggravating air blowers that competing bead filters require for backwashing.

Uses Less Water and More Efficient Backwash:

The vertical backwash lateral jet inside the HydroBead™ Vortex HBV-18 bead filter reduces backwash time which results in less water use and eliminates the backwash "dead-zones" that occur within other brands of bead filters that feature horizontal backwash laterals.

Polishes Water for Maximum Clarity and Shine:

The super lightweight Styrofoam HydroBead™ media inside this 18" bead filter cling together under pressure to trap fine particulates down to 100 microns and polish the water during filtering. The HydroBeads™ easily separate during backwash to release the trapped particulates.

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HBV-18 Features:

• Dimensions: 18" wide x 25" tall.
• For ponds up to 3,000 gallons.
• Flow rates up to 3,000 gph (50 gpm).
• 1½" Multiport Valve.
• No air blower required for backwashing.
• Clear access lid for backwash viewing.
• 1½" Inlet Vortex Lateral.
• 1½" Vertical Outlet Lateral.
• Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tank.
• Up-Flow Design with Internal Vortex.
• 1½" Union Inlet, Return, and Waste.
• Green Color to Blend into the Landscape.
• Filtration down to 100 microns.
• Bio absorption down to 5 microns.
• Vortex solids separator.
• Settling cone for debris capture.
• Vortex drain at bottom of Settlement Area.
• Floating media above Vortex & Settling Area.
• Vertical Outlet/Backwash Lateral.
• Complete and Efficient Backwash.
• 1.8 cubic feet of HydroFoam™ Bead bio media.
• 1,592,524 beads (@ +/- 884,736 bead per cubic foot).
• 812.85 Total Specific Surface Area (SSA).
• Steel hardware.
• Removable Access Lid.
• Backwash Viewing Port.
• 3/4" Vortex Drain Valve with internal tank screen.
• Metabolizes up to 16,260 mg ammonia per day.
• Metabolizes up to 162.57 g fish waste per day.

The HBV-18 HydroBead™ Vortex 18" bead filter is a professional bead filter that combines high SSA with superior water polishing for clean and healthy water for your koi and pond fish. HydroBead™ Vortex filters feature a unique design that eliminates the need for costly and difficult to use air blowers for backwashing - saving you time, aggravation, and money. Because of this small bead filter's design, it uses much less water during back flushes. The vertical backwash jet inside HydroBead Vortex bead filters eliminates backwash "dead-zones" that occur in other brands with horizontal laterals. The super lightweight Styrofoam HydroBead™ media inside the bead filter cling together under pressure to trap fine particulates and polish the water during filtering, and easily separate during backwashing to release the trapped particulates. The HBV-18 HydroBead™ Vortex filter truly is in a class all its own. For clean healthy pond water coupled with superior water polishing, easy and complete backwashing - without the need for an air blower - there are only HydroBead™ Vortex bead filters.

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