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Winterizing Your Aqua UV System

If you live in an area with below freezing temperatures, winterizing your Aqua Ultraviolet Sterilizer is a must. Without winterizing, your internal parts such as the quartz and lamp may fracture. Even the body of the unit is in jeopardy if it is left full of sitting water and freezes.

Winterizing can be done various ways depending primarily on whether water will be flowing to your pond continually in the cold months.

Option 1: If you are going to continually run water through your unit and it will be exposed to freezing temperatures be sure to install Winterizing Caps and take all internal parts inside (Quartz Sleeve, EZ Twist Top, Quartz Cap, Lamps, Rubber Seals, and In-Line Transformers) NEMA boxes may be left outside.

AquaUV Winterizing Cap

Option 2: If you are not flowing water through your system, use a Winterizing Cap, drain the unit completely and take the internal parts inside. If the unit is not completely drained, the water will expand when it freezes cracking the housing. This is not covered under warranty.

Option 3: If you don’t have a Winterizing Cap and are not going to run water through the system, remove the lamp, disconnect the unions, and take the entire UV unit inside. Store the lamp separately to avoid breakage.

Note: If you have Classic units with multiple lamps you will need the same number of Winterize Caps as you have lamps.

Watch the video below to see how to winterize your Aqua UV sterilizer:


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