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Pond 101: Water Changes, Water De-Chlorinator & An All Too Common Mistake

Having a pond can present new opportunities and challenges.  There are events that will catch you off guard and result in a quick (and hopefully painless) learning experience.  Your job is to remain informed and expect the unexpected, our job is to disseminate information and ensure catastrophe is avoided.

We were recently contacted by a pond owner that had purchased a home in which the contractor had installed a "Low maintenance"  pond.  He was told he could care for it himself with minimal effort and that the best equipment had been selected to ensure this would be the case.

This first-time pond owner was excited to get involved with a new hobby and quickly took to the pond, plants, and fish.  After a month of clear water, healthy fish, and easy maintenance he performed the scheduled water change and the unexpected occurred.

The filter was back-washed and the pond was drained to about 35% late in the afternoon.  The following day he went outside to enjoy some sun and do some work from patio overlooking the pond.  To his disbelief and great dismay all the fish were floating at the water line upside down.  The entire pond had been wiped out!

Unfortunately for fish, tap water contains trace amounts of chlorine that is fatal to Koi and other pond life in high doses.  This unsuspecting amateur was unaware that a de-chlorinator MUST be used to ensure the survival of aquatic life.

The lose of hundreds of dollars of Koi fish hurt but our pond owner was not dissuaded from moving forward.  He had fallen for the beautiful creatures and was obsessed with re-stocking his pond.  He contacted LA Pond.com to purchase some pond additives including de-chlorinator and hand pick new Koi and Goldfish.

He selected some smaller 8-10 inch fish and some big and beautiful 20-25 inch Koi.  Without divulging his discount and price tag we can tell you that his bill was several thousand dollars.  He left happy, excited, and determined to get his pond back to the status quo.

About 3 months later he called us sounding broken.  When filling the pond after a water change he let the garden hose run and went in the house to take a phone call.  He forgot the hose running over-night and no de-chlorinator was used to nullify the chlorine in the tap water.  85% his new fish died.



At this point he was contacting us to step in.  We now provide service to his pond and ensure any human errors will be taken care of.  The pond was re-stocked, looks better than ever, and our amateur pond enthusiast can now enjoy his waterscape with peace of mind.



LA Pond.com recommends the following tricks and techniques to protect aquatic against tap water:

1. Always follow instructions and use a de-chlorinator during large water changes

2. Don't walk away with the hose running - Turn it off and come back to refill later

3. If your leaving with the water running, set an alarm

4. Leave your car keys by the hose

5. Add some de-chlorinator when you begin adding water as apposed to waiting until the pond is full

3 thoughts on “Pond 101: Water Changes, Water De-Chlorinator & An All Too Common Mistake”

  • Allan

    I once made this mistake, all my fish died except one little guy. He is now a big guy and we call him the survivor. Now I throw in a little de-chlorinator immediately and wait around to watch the water level rise. Get a good book or an i-pad to kill the time.

  • pond net

    Many pond owners, especially the new ones suffer from such kind of mistakes. Initially they think that cleaning and mainaning a pond will be just like another pool event, bet gradually they begin to understand the complexities involved.

    • admin

      Very true, thank you for sharing.

      Should you wish to submit an article about your products please let me know.

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