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How Much Fish Food Should I Feed My Fish?


How much to feed Koi and other pond fish depends on several variables, of which, season is one of the most important.  During warm summer months fish have a fast metabolism and the potential to grow tremendously, while cool winter months, with water below 55F, causes their metabolism to drop and feeding patterns to change dramatically.

Over feeding fish is one of the most common causes of poor fish health and stress on your filter system.  Excess fish food decomposes in the pond and the overeating leads to excessive fish waste.

To keep your pond clean and avoid extra maintenance please follow our feeding recommendations for summer and winter months below:

Feeding Fish During Warm Summer Months

Feed the quantity that can be completely eaten in 2 minutes

Fish should be actively eating for two minutes, if the fish eat all the food within this time frame feed a little more and observe

No food should remain after two minutes of feeding.  If there is extra food it can be scooped out and disposed of

Feed one to two times per day, more frequent feeding of small amounts causes the fish to absorb more nutrients and vitamins from the food

Feeding Fish During Cool Winter Months

With colder water temperatures (below 55F) fish metabolism slows and feeding should be greatly reduced or discontinued

Try feeding a small quantity and measure the response

Remember, there is organic material and insects in the water that fish can eat as well and additional feeding may not be required

We do our part to ensure your pond reaches its potential, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.


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