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Beautiful & Easy Water Garden Idea

We enjoy sharing the lovely water garden and pond ideas of our readers and were recently turned on to an easy and affordable way to add a small touch of bliss to any courtyard, balcony, porch, entry-way, or office.

Step 1: Find a colorful and vivacious ceramic pot.  This can be accomplished through online searches or by visiting your local garden & nursery center.  Mosaic versions give an especially impressive appearance.  A simple search for "colorful ceramic planters" will provide plenty of vendors to choose from.  Throw your city into the search to find something local.  It's important to be sure the vessel you choose can hold water or you will have to line it with a coat of water proof sealant.


Step 2:  Find a pedestal that will support your colorful ceramic masterpiece.  We recommend something simple and sturdy to ensure the planter remains the centerpiece.  Waist height is perfect for viewing of plants and water while slightly higher placement accentuates the vessel.  The choice is yours.

Step 3: Selecting water garden and pond plants involves two simple stages.  We encourage you to begin by choosing low lying plants that add greenery and small flowers.  Water Hyacinth (featured in the photo below) or a small water lily can be perfect selections depending on your available space.  These plants will spread across the water line and fill in your planter.  They will overflow along the borders and lend a fertile and full experience for your gazing pleasure.  This is all the more true when the plants are fertilized properly, a must if you want that magazine look.


Once your foundation is strong it's time to add some height.  A Compact Giant Papyrus or Arrowhead (featured in the photo below) are excellent selections due to their easy maintenance, busty leaves, and exotic flavor.  These plants can be positioned on a brick or rock to ensure proper placement below the water line.


This low cost and affordable solution brings the tranquility of a water feature and the beauty of a water garden to your home or office without any construction or messy installation.

All of these ingredients are available at www.lapond.com with the exception of the colorful ceramic pot.  Put the effort into choosing the look and size that works for you.  Throw it all together and enjoy.

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