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HydroClear Total Control Water Conditioner

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HydroClear Total Control Water Conditioner

Total Control™ Dechlorinator and Comprehensive All-in-One Water Conditioner:
• Dechlorinator
• Detoxifier
• Ammonia Blocker
• Fish Stress Reducer
• Fish Slime Coat Enhancer
• Electrolyte Booster

Use whenever handling or transporting fish, when filling, adding, or changing pond water, when fish are stressed, or if ammonia, nitrite, or heavy metals are present in your pond water.

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HydroClear™ Total Control Water Conditioner removes chlorine and chloramine from municipal water sources, detoxifies heavy metals (including copper) from well water sources, removes ammonia and nitrite caused by new or insufficient bio filtration systems, and keeps your fish happy and healthy during or after handling.

• Replaces slime coat on Koi and pond fish.
• Adds electrolytes.
• Reduces fish stress.
• Removes chlorine.
• Removes chloramines.
• Detoxifies nitrite.
• Detoxifies Ammonia.
• Detoxifies heavy metals - including copper.
• Use whenever handling or transporting fish.
• Use whenever filling, adding, or changing pond water.
• Use whenever fish are stressed.
• Use whenever ammonia, nitrite, or heavy metals are present in the pond.
• See label for dosage.
• 16 oz. bottle, or 32 oz. bottle.
• 1 year shelf life.

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